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About Us

About Us

With production facilities in Mumbai, PRATIK ENTERPRISE is a top supplier and manufacturer of TOWER PACKINGS AND INTERNALS, also called Random Packings. A wide variety of sectors, including gas and oil, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, are served by us. Our clientele has expressed their great appreciation for our selection of random packings. Our high-end packaging products are made using premium materials and adhere to global quality requirements.

Company Brief

Under the direction of Mr. Bimal Pandya, our company has already shown its expertise in Tower Packing & Internals (Random Packing). With his extensive knowledge and more than ten years of experience, Mr. BIMAL PANDYA invented the art of tower packing and internals, alongside introducing high-efficiency filler for separation.

We have maintained a pleased client base, a high-quality supplier base, and a staff with highly motivated employees throughout the years. We have established enduring relationships with our customers by providing high-quality items on schedule. Our goals are to provide our consumers with greater value.

Our Quality Policy

Pratik Enterprise is dedicated to providing 100% Quality products and services to a degree of Customer Satisfaction. We will work to satisfy the Customers evolving requirements.

Our Vision

  • See ourselves as the most dependable, admired, technological vendor
  • Our goal is to quickly and cost-effectively identify the client's requirements by offering the most appropriate solutions.
  • To foster a feeling of accountability for completing the assignment.

Our Mission

  • To provide a quality product that satisfies customer needs
  • To become the top option for customers in all sectors for tower packing and internals.

Our Manufacturing Unit 

We have established a cutting-edge manufacturing plant where we employ the newest technology and equipment as part of our dedication to quality. Our manufacturing units are at par with international standard and are situated in Mumbai. 

Our Clients

We have a countrywide distribution network for our product range and are expanding globally.

Why Choose Us?

  • Best-in-class product quality
  • Affordable price
  • Worth the Money
  • Fast Delivery
  • Use of specified grade materials 

Use of Random Packings

The plate and packed towers are the two most popular types of wet scrubbers used to eliminate gaseous pollutants. Wet scrubbers are often the only air pollution management equipment that can remove particulate gases and matter from the same gas stream. Wet scrubbers can effectively remove gases and particles. Both pollutants can be removed in the same system in rare cases.

A packed scrubber is made up of a tower that contains packing materials. It takes the form of rings, saddles or other particular forms intended to increase the amount of unclean gas that comes into contact with the liquid. Compared to venturi scrubbers, packed towers usually function at significantly smaller pressure drops, making them more affordable to run. 
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218, Gala Industrial Complex, Dumping Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400081, India
Phone :+918045800463